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Run for Recovery

Proceeds of this race will benefit Homeward Bound, a local residential treatment center.

Second Chance Ministries would like to thank all the participants of this years Run for Recovery for a wonderful experience in the power of selflessness. Thanks for all your help and support. See you next year.

What is Run for Recovery about?

For those struggling under the weight of addictions, past failures, or harmful relationships, everyday living can feel like a death sentence. The physical, mental, and emotional suffering steals the heart out of life and if left untreated, will ultimately destroy them. There is help and there is hope, but you can only find this by reaching outside of yourself. Run for Recovery is a celebration of the hope of life after addiction, and a call to action by people in our community. We believe that God is always offering a second chance in life, and that He has called us to act as His helping hands in this community. If you are hurting and in need, just reach out and you will find a hand reaching back, ready to help guide you into a new lease on life.